Nigeria remains a net importer of embarrassingly gigantic propositions in the region of N8 trillion annually (little wonder Agriculture is posited as the new oil). Of our national import bill, palm oil gulps N116 billion! Our nation has over 42 million hectares of uncultivated arable land lying fallow; yet local demand can be met with just about 250,000 hectares of Palm plantation (while export waits to be harnessed).
In spite of such tremendous wealth potential, most Nigerians live with grossly inadequate incomes, and many retirees suffer in abject poverty. Yet agriculture can be a source of decent residual income flowing into retirement years; when done professionally and strategically.

Now with Agrowealth, you have an exciting opportunity to be a part of our national agricultural renaissance by owning an acre or acres of OIL PALM PLANTATION within a professionally managed 5,000 acres Plantation Estate in Osun State. Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd ‘Green Eagles’, in collaboration with her technical partners will manage the whole value chain on your behalf, from primary production to sales.

For a ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF N350,000 an acre, you will earn 100% returns (ROI) every year for the next 30 years! Arable crops will be cultivated from the 1st year (so you can start earning from the 1st year) until your Palm Planation starts yielding in the 7th year.

Annual returns are paid in three equal installments on July 31st , October 31st, and December 31st.

Investors can onboard at different times throughout the year and earn the first return at the next installment date after their first five months farm cycle.

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