Own a Farm with N350,000
one time investment, and earn returns for the next 30 years.


Nigeria remains a net importer of embarrassingly gigantic propositions. Of our N8 trillon food import bill, palm oil gulps a whooping N116 billion! However, we can meet local demand by establishing just about 250,000 hectares of Palm plantation; out of our 42 million hectares of arable land lying fallow. Moreso, our Palm export potential waits to be harnessed.

In spite of such tremendous wealth potential, most Nigerians live with grossly inadequate incomes, and many retirees suffer in abject poverty. Yet agriculture can be a source of elating income lasting into retirement years; when done professionally and strategically.

Now with Agrowealth, you have an exciting opportunity to be a part of our national agricultural renaissance by owning an acre or acres of OIL PALM PLANTATION within a professionally managed 5,000 acres Plantation Estate in Osun State. Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd ‘Green Eagles’, in collaboration with her technical partners will manage the whole value chain on your behalf, from primary production to sales.

For a ONE-TIME INVESTMENT of N350,000 per acre, you will earn 100% returns (payable in three equal installments) yearly for the next 30 years! Arable crops will be cultivated from the 1st year (so you can start earning immediately) until your Palm Planation starts yielding in the 7th year.

You can also make a one-time investment of N75,000 (for a plot) with returns calculated at 1/6 of an acre as stated above.


1. Determine the number of acres (or plots) you require.

2. Pay into either of the Company’s accounts stated below;
Account name: Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd.
First Bank account no.: 2033169176
Ecobank account no.: 1580004025

3. Click Here to Invest Now. to fill out the Agrowealth Subscription form.

4. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive (within 24 hours) your Agrowealth Contract that details the terms as reflected in the Investment details/benefits above.

For further enquiries or concerns, please call our contact lines on 0901 000 7004 or 0806 422 8212.

a) A total of N400,000 to be paid (for an acre) for 35 weeks (N50,000 deposit and N10,000 weekly payments).
b) A total of N80,000 to be paid (for a plot) for 12 weeks (N20 deposit and N5,000 weekly payments).



1. Enjoy the best of professional management by industry experts and enormous advantages of economies of scale/precision agronomy characteristic of large-scale commercial plantations.

2. Earn 100% returns yearly (payable in equal installments on July 31, October 31 and December 31) for 30 years; starting with returns from interim arable crops established in the 1st year. The interim crops will sustain the Palm plantation until it starts yielding.

3. Own the land on which your Palm Plantation is established; with Registered Title Deed delivered to you in the 2nd year of investment.

4. Have a solid Palm Plantation established (nursery and transplant) on your land in the 3rd year without the stress and risks of venturing solo.

5. Have access to agro-processing facilities to maximize the financial value of your plantation produce.

6. Have access to pre-arranged local and international markets.

7. Enjoy estate facilities: planned road network, boreholes, power, staff and attractive living quarters, etc.; making the Estate an attractive environment for project managers, staff and visiting owners.


1. Very high local demand that will require about 250,000 hectares to meet. Every year we import palm oil worth N116 billion! We can save our Nation’s precious foreign reserves by reducing importation.

2. Hardy crop, low pest and disease incidence.

3. Assured annual income for up to 30 years.

4. Oil palm has the highest vegetable oil yield.

5. Palm oil has wide ranging industrial application for products such as noodles, vegetable oil, biscuits, margarine, cereals, baked items and cosmetics.

6. Significant export market.

7. Tested terrain – existing plantation (Okomu oil – 12,000 HA and Presco 20,000 HA) are high performers on the Nigerian stock market, consistently reporting very high gross earnings.

8. Attractive to foreign investors – PZ Wilmar 26,000 HA plantation project in Cross river state (Singaporean & UK Investors) and Adaplam – Joint venture between Imo state and Vietnamese investors).


1. We chose Oil palm because it is one of the most resilient and prolific tree crops.

2. Off-takers and Markets are secured for all farm produce.

3. Insurance is budgeted into cost profiles to recover inputs costs in the case of unforeseen adversity.

4. Annual company reserves to cushion the effects of any unforeseen adverse condition.

5. Sound legal title documentation and facilitation of process of title perfection at the Osun State lands registry on behalf of investors.

6. The Company shall at all times procure and maintain adequate security measures at the Farm.

7. Involvement of township royalty/host community in management and royalties.

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