Nigeria remains a net importer of embarrassingly gigantic propositions and YET we have over 42 million hectares of uncultivated arable land lying waste! In spite of such tremendous wealth potential, most Nigerians live with grossly inadequate incomes, and many retirees suffer in abject poverty. Yet agriculture can be a source of elating income that lasts into retirement years; when done professionally and strategically.

Now with Agrowealth, you have an exciting opportunity to own an acre (s) of OIL PALM PLANTATION within a professionally managed 5,000 acres Plantation Estate in Osun State PLUS lease of an acre of arable crops (tomatoes, maize and soybeans) cultivated in Kaduna State.

Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd ‘Green Eagles’, in collaboration with her technical partners will manage the whole value chain on your behalf, from primary production to sales of tomatoes, maize, soybeans, palm oil and palm kernel oil to pre-arranged buyers.

All these for A ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF N350,000 (for an acre) and you will earn returns three to four times every year for the next 30 years! Starting with up to N350,000 returns (100% ROI) the first year and up to 200% ROI per annum by the 10th year.

You can also make a one-time investment of N75,000 (for a plot) with returns calculated at 1/6 of an acre as stated above.

Ends April 5th for July tomatoes returns
Ends May 31st for October maize returns
Ends August 31st for December Soybeans returns

Window closed for 2019

Company receipt will be issued upon confirmation of payment. You will also receive a Contract of Sale (for the farm land) and Farm Management Agreement that indicates the terms and conditions of engagement.

a) A total of N400,000 to be paid (for an acre) for 35 weeks (N50,000 deposit and N10,000 weekly payments).
b) A total of N80,000 to be paid (for a plot) for 12 weeks (N20 deposit and N5,000 weekly payments).

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