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Africa has the potential not only to feed herself but to create a super economy supplying food to the rest of the world. How? Rather than sit idle on 60% of the world’s ‘unfarmed’ farmland, we can strategically sponsor our farmers to become the food basket of the world.

Why Choose Us

We are working to help Nigeria and Africa as a whole, achieve economic diversification and sustainable food security.

In pursuit of this noble objective, we identify the gaps “challenges and opportunities” within the agribusiness industry and key in with innovative solutions to bridge the gaps end to end.

To avoid mass starvation, the world needs to produce 70% more food by 2050, and the responsibility to avoid that crisis lies in Africa.

Our Solutions

Earn 40% ROI yearly every 6 months for 7 years while helping to serve Nigeria with quality yet affordable rice (as low as N8, 000 per bag in a few years) and opening up opportunities for millions.
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Agriculture can be a source of decent residual income lasting into retirement years. With a one time investment of N350,000, earn 100% ROI yearly for 30 years.
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Grow your fund with us by booking your plot(s) in our Vegetables Potpourri Plantation for 80% returns in 8 months.
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Enjoy delivery of foodstuff from the farm to your doorstep at unbeatable wholesale prices.
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How it Works

Investing with us is super easy with our robust tech solution

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Leverage on technology to enjoy the benefit of farming with Green Eagles; make real profit whilst empowering farmers. Sign up today to get started.

Select a Farm

Sign in and select a farm from the list of available farms to invest in, select desired unit of investment and pay online using any of our easy payment channels.

Farm Progress

Get updates about your investment even as we dig the ground, we give you information when needed and you can contact your account officer via the user dashboard.

Investment Returns

This is the part we enjoy most, saying a big thank you for investing with us by paying your returns promptly. We ensure every investor for a farm gets their returns without any delay.

“The next generation of billionaires in Africa would be farmers. By 2030, the size of Food and Agric business in Africa will reach $1Trillion. So, if you are thinking of how to make money, that is the sector to be in.”
President, Africa Development Bank

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