Cash Cow
…ultimate wealth creation…
“A Reliable & Steady stream of income to finance your modern lifestyle”

Green Eagles works in collaboration with International Research Institutes and renowned consultants to engage in large scale commercial farming on behalf of our clients. We employ precision agronomy and best practices to ensure consistently high yields.

Grow your fund with us by booking your plot(s) in our Vegetables Potpourri Plantation for 80% returns paid in equal installment from the fifth to eight month after investment.. We cultivate high profit local and exotic vegetables (including tomatoes, cucumbers, ugwu, sweet corn, mushrooms, beet, lettuce, cabbage, etc.) and enjoy consistently high sales profits by selling to established organized markets.

The process is insured from planting to harvest and transport of produce, so your capital is guaranteed.


1. An investment plot costs N150,000.00.

2. Determine the no. of plots you require.

3. Pay into either of the Company’s accounts stated below;
Account name: Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd.
First Bank account no.: 2033169176
Ecobank account no.: 1580004025

4. Once you pay, click here to register your payment details. You will receive an email attaching your plot Certificate and detailing your Schedule of planting and payment of returns (80% to 100%) in the fourth and fifth month after investment.

Investment window opens 1st October and ends 31st October.
Limited plots available.

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Cash Cow

Something established that is guaranteed to bring in loads of money.
A steady return of profits that far exceeds the outlay of cash invested.
A business or asset that, once acquired, will produce consistent cash flows over its lifespan.

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