We constantly engage in research and development to unearth, adopt or create innovative solutions that enhance profitability for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. We also work in collaboration with Agricultural Research Institutes to facilitate easy and profitable entry for small-holders into agriculture.



For a one-time investment of N350,000, you will earn returns for the next 30 years (with up to N350,000 returns (100% ROI) by the end of the first year and up to N2 million per annum by the 10th year).
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Green Eagles works in collaboration with International Research Institutes and renowned consultants to engage in large scale commercial farming on behalf of our clients.
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Do you know that vegetables lose up to half their nutrients within a few days after harvest? And do you know a good number of farmers spray harmful chemicals on the vegetables you eat daily?
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In line with the core objective of our company towards helping farmers become successful, we’ve gone the extra mile in the investment of quality time and effort to develop Green Eagles’ Agrobiotics.
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Usage of inorganic fertilizers is not only unsustainable, but the productivity level of a farmland declines over the years with the continuous use of synthetic fertilizers.
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The most challenging part of livestock production is the cost of feeding the animals optimally in a consistent fashion till they are sold while maintaining a good profit margin. This is due to the high cost of conventional feed stuff.
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Our aim here is the sensitization of livestock farmers on how to increase farm yields and maximize returns on their investments through hydroponics fodder.
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Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste. Biogas is a renewable energy source.
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We provide you the practical innovative solutions to help you make your agribusiness endeavors profitable and less stressful, we also take you by the hand through down-to-earth practical trainings.
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“The next generation of billionaires in Africa would be farmers. By 2030,
the size of Food and Agric business in Africa will reach $1Trillion. So, if you are thinking
of how to make money, that is the sector to be in.”

President, Africa Development Bank

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