Naija Rice Project
for 40% returns (principal + interest) in 6 months
or 40% returns every six months for 7 years (560% cumulative)

In light of the national rice shortage, Green Eagles has pioneered ‘Naija Rice Project’ to drive rice sufficiency in Nigeria. With a combined team experience of over one hundred years of agribusiness experience, collaboration with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the chairmanship of Dr. Christopher Kolade, we are positioned for optimal profitability & sustainability.

Rice is the most important staple in the daily Nigerian diet, especially for city dwellers. We consume over 7 million tons yearly, over half of which we import, because so far we have left rice production mostly to subsistence farmers.

Instead, we send a scandalous N2 billion abroad everyday to buy rice. It’s time to ask, “why send such an outrageous amount abroad to enrich foreign economies when we can grow enough rice and create massive employment for our restive youths while at it?”

Analysis reveals the ₦700 billion we spend on importing rice annually will cultivate about one million of our country’s over 40 million hectares of redundant fertile land, create millions of jobs, steady returns for investors and huge revenue source for our nation’s development. We all win!

Excitingly, it’s an investment we have structured to give 40% returns (principal + interest) in six months or 40% returns every six months for 7 years (560%); inclusive of insurance that secures your capital. Presently, we have secured over 2,000 hectares of riceland in Bagudo/Koko, Kebbi State and Osuntedo, Osun State, with a rapid expansion plan in progress.

The time is now! The stage is set! Our Government is now resolute in the closure of our borders against imported rice. It’s our time for rice-independence. Apart from national pride, steady returns await you. Will you get involved?

If yes, see investment details below:



1 Land preparation ₦49,280
2 Certified seeds ₦6,000
3 Nursery formation ₦4,000
4 Transplanting ₦16,000
5 Fertilizers & crop protection ₦39,000
6 Irrigation ₦49,160
7 Farm labour ₦40,000
8 Harvesting ₦36,000
9 Administration ₦4,600
10 Consultants’ fees ₦12,000
11 Insurance (3.5%) ₦8,961
Total investment: ₦265,000
Return on Investment (40% ROI) ₦106,000
Total Payout (Investment + ROI): ₦371,000


Investment window: October 10 to December 12

Land preparation & Nursery: November 2019

Transplanting & Nurturing: December 2019 to March 2020

Harvest: March 2020

Payment of returns: April 31st 2020

₦265,000.00 ₦45,000.00

Payment Instructions:

1. Determine the number of plots or acres you require.

2. Pay into Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd.’s First Bank account no. 2033169176.

3. Once you pay, click invest now to register your payment details; and you will receive an email attaching your Certificate of lease detailing your schedule of planting and date for payment of returns. For further enquiries or concerns, please call our contact lines on 0703 346 0274 or 0806 422 8212.

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