In light of the national rice shortage, Green Eagles has pioneered ‘Naija Rice Project’ to drive rice sufficiency in Nigeria. With a combined team experience of over one hundred years of agribusiness experience, collaboration with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Royal Exchange Insurance and the chairmanship of Dr. Christopher Kolade, we are positioned for optimal profitability & sustainability.

Naija Rice Project is a practical solution to serve Nigeria with quality, yet affordable rice (as low as N8,000 per bag in a few years) while opening up opportunities to millions.

With a population of over 200 million, 3.7 million of the 7 million tons of rice we consume in Nigeria yearly is imported. Meaning we spend an outrageous N700 billion (N2 billion daily) to put imported rice on our tables! Thankfully our government has taken us to task. So it’s time to ask, “Should we be sending our money abroad to enrich foreign economies or should we expend it here for gainful employment for millions of our people, wealth for investors and revenue for our government?”

Green Eagles MD Featured on TVC talks on Nigeria Border Closure
and the Naija Rice Project solution.

The solution starts by partnering with rice farmers who are practically hibernating at the moment. After the rainy season, they spend the rest of the year engaged in almost no productive activity. We partner with them to provide excellent quality inputs and capacity building (with GAP et al) for a year round end to end integration from farm to table. A ‘farming with farmers’ that ends with optimal returns for farmers and decent returns for partners. A sustainability factor is that we will build, operate and grant the rice mills (after 7 years) to the host community of farmers while keeping them in our loop for sustained access to markets. A win-win for all!

Excitingly, it’s an investment we have structured to give 40% returns (principal + interest) to partners in six months. You also have the option of 40% returns every six months for 7 years (560%). Presently, we have onboarded farmers in Bagudo LGA, Kebbi State for the first stage of the project and are rapidly advancing to other states.

‘Farming with Farmers’

The goal is 700 groups of 250 farmers who will cultivate 2 hectares twice in the year to produce 6 tons per hectare for a gross output of 4.2 million tons of rice next year. At N13,000 per bag of rice, a gross revenue of N720 billion is projected. In effect, we would bridge the rice production gap, move our economy forward, creating sustainable wealth for investors, employment for millions and a revenue flow for government.

The model is market-led, technology-driven and greatly de-risked through an unbroken chain of efficiency from farm to table with full insurance coverage at every step of the value chain.

The time is now! The stage is set! Our Government is now resolute in the closure of our borders against imported rice. Join the race for rice independence today. Apart from national pride, steady returns await you. Will you get involved?

1 Land preparation ₦49,280
2 Certified seeds ₦6,000
3 Nursery formation ₦4,000
4 Transplanting ₦16,000
5 Fertilizers & crop protection ₦39,000
6 Irrigation ₦49,160
7 Farm labour ₦40,000
8 Harvesting ₦36,000
9 Administration ₦4,600
10 Consultants’ fees ₦12,000
11 Insurance (3.5%) ₦8,961
Total investment: ₦265,000
Return on Investment (40% ROI) ₦106,000
Total Payout (Investment + ROI): ₦371,000

Investment window: Closed

Land preparation & Nursery: November 2019 to January 2020

Transplanting & Nurturing: January 2020 to April 2020

Harvest: April – June 2020

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